Trey Norman

COO & Vice President of Sales for North America

Trey Norman serves as COO for the Mindbreeze Corporation and Vice President of Sales for North America. He studied Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M a University with a specialization in Digital Signal Processing. Trey is dedicated to helping customers uncover new insights in their data with the help of his team of machine learning and insight engine specialists.

At Mindbreeze, we understand that the key to a stress-free workflow is having all of the answers at hand. Our suite of tools for aggregating information from unstructured and structured data sources, synthesizing insights, and unifying knowledge, empowers organizations to deliver insights both internally and externally with ease.

Blogs by Trey Norman

Five Trends 2023: The focus is on the sustainable use of information

December 7, 2022Trey Norman, COO & Vice President of Sales for North America

In view of the current challenges, there is hardly a topic that has gained more importance in recent months than sustainability.