What Do You Need to Know About Mindbreeze BidForce?

What Do You Need to Know About Mindbreeze BidForce?

The game of sales is not an easy one. Customer expectations are higher than ever, making sales one of the toughest parts of all business operations. Sales teams need powerful tools in their toolbox, and that requires much more than a cold-calling script or email template.

What if sales departments worldwide had a powerful solution to support the workforce in winning bids, eliminating redundant tasks, and leveraging existing knowledge – knowledge they may have never even known was there?

Mindbreeze BidForce accomplishes all of this and beyond, giving sales teams a complete overview of potential clients and customers, insights into the best responses for tenders, and an overview of your entire pipeline – completely slashing the time it takes to manage RFPs, RFIs, and the entire sales process.

Our Mindbreeze BidForce Case Study: Bid Management focuses on the power of bid automation and using the connection of data sources to automate specific parts of the process. The case study discusses the success customers have had with the solution.

Some key facts on the case study:

  • Five bid managers within the company
  • 1,200 bid requirements per month
  • 900 searches for highly specific information per month
  • 60 searches for finding the expert per month
  • 1,040 hours per year lost by not reusing existing information
  • With Mindbreeze BidForce, 1,800 hours per year saved (150 hours per month)

Achieving so is no small feat and shows just how big of a help BidForce can be for clients trying to win more customers while getting the most use out of their resources.

RFPs and RFIs can have hundreds of questions, and likely they are questions that have already been answered in some way or another inside your organization. The question we ask customers is, why put a bid manager or salesperson through the effort of answering them again?

The BidForce application allows workers to copy and paste questions into the search field, and our solution will generate a matching answer. This answer is generated from existing company-wide data, including previous bid responses that proved successful.

Companies also have the ability to upload entire questionnaires and in return, receive the full spreadsheet filled out with responses. All a bid manager has to do is scan through the answers and ensure they are okay. No need to start from scratch!

Winning feels nice, and thanks to Mindbreze BidForce, you can get used to it in three easy steps.

  1. Connect enterprise data
  2. Use the solution to ease the tender process
  3. Celebrate all the closed deals and ongoing revenue

For more on bid automation with Mindbreeze BidForce, we urge you to check out our webpage and case study.

As always, feel free to contact us as well!