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Corporate Knowledge at Your Fingertips

To continue to operate successfully in the future, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for companies to be able to access and utilize all their knowledge.

Mindbreeze InSpire can help: Our intelligent enterprise search solution connects and converts scattered information into knowledge and makes it available automatically at the touch of a button.

Minimal Effort

The European Enterprise Search Appliance

Mindbreeze analyzes both structured and unstructured information from all corporate sources. It recognizes the subject matter of each document, classifies this information and establishes semantic correlations among the individual contents.

Mindbreeze InSpire comes to you in the form of an appliance, with optimally compatible hardware and search software.

Highest in Ability to Execute

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search 2015

For the eighth year running, Mindbreeze is represented in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search - this year, we have the highest positioning in the category "Ability to Execute" in the Challengers Quadrant.

Read more about this in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.


Mindbreeze InSpire gives each user a simple way to search and find information from all data sources. The displayed search hits provide not only a simple list of results, but also offer detailed information about the contents.


In addition to a preview of the document, detailed information and a brief summary is displayed. Filters support the user with navigation as well as with automatic suggestions or spelling corrections.


Mindbreeze InSpire enables secure access to relevant corporate information from your smart phone or tablet. Business-relevant information is available anytime, anywhere.


In addition to the search function, the editor developed by Mindbreeze makes it possible to link and display information from different sources. With the editor, the user can design the display of information simply and highly personalized. The editor contains a selection of design elements (widgets), which can be easily combined according to the user’s preference without any prior programming knowledge.


Each department can create dashboards that combine all information about a customer or project, together with contracts, invoices, support requests and current communication, and display it clearly and comprehensively for the user. This way, the departments get a full view of their customers and partners.


Mindbreeze InSpire lays the professional foundation through individual search applications which understand and meet the different information needs of each department.

Why Mindbreeze?

  • Enterprise Search delivers all relevant information at a glance.
  • Mindbreeze InSpire respects the rights of the user and ensures that only authorized employees are allowed to see certain content.
  • InSpire recognizes and processes a variety of formats and data sources (CRM, DM, file shares, e-mail systems).
  • Best in Class: According to international IT analysts, Mindbreeze is the leading European enterprise search appliance company.
  • Mindbreeze InSpire is a highly automated self-learning solution, giving it the added advantage of low-maintenance.

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