Why InSpire?

Because once again Mindbreeze has been named a Leader in the 
2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Insight Engines

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Illuminating what your company knows

The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search Platforms, Q4 2023

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Is getting information about your customers and staff crucial to support your role in the company?
Is the rapid availability of financial or manufacturing data vital to your corporate mission? Mindbreeze InSpire collects and consolidates information from a sweeping range of connected data sources and delivers it proactively across all applications, departments, even across corporate boundaries – right when it’s needed.

Mindbreeze InSpire offers you and your staff personalized 360-degree views of your company’s knowledge. It supports your work by supplying relevant information – without the need for organizational changes or a hefty IT migration project.
Simply plug and play.

The perfect tool for your division

Individual divisions, departments, and their users frequently have their own specific requirements.

Our Insight App Designer satisfies the unique demands of your department impeccably and enables departmental experts to create their own custom Insight apps with no prior technical know-how. 


Over 450 connectors that are available with Mindbreeze InSpire entirely out of the box ensure swift integration into the organization and provide connectivity to a comprehensive spectrum of data sources.


Integration into your workplace

Would you like to keep using the tech, apps, and tools you’re familiar with?
Mindbreeze InSpire can be integrated directly into your digital workplace so you can find exactly what you’re looking for and more (Outlook plugin, SharePoint web parts, export snippets for CMS, mobile apps, and others) anytime and anywhere. More information.

Always right there where you need it

No matter where your data is, Mindbreeze InSpire is there to support you.

On-Prem Appliance
Your data stays safe and sound, squarely in your data center
Index the data from your cloud solutions without unwieldy migration
Sensitive data remains secure in your data center while data from cloud solutions are indexed directly

Best in class for performance and scalability

To satisfy even the most demanding requirements, Mindbreeze InSpire High Performance can handle data volumes ranging in the billions.
Because of its unique architecture and highly customized hardware, Mindbreeze InSpire High Performance offers maximum performance for your business.


Mindbreeze InSpire understands you and your needs

Mindbreeze InSpire not only understands the semantics of your content and recognizes entities automatically –
above all, Mindbreeze InSpire gleans and leverages user behavior and user intent to understand you as a user and cater specifically to your needs.



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„Mindbreeze is helping us to move a step further into the future of digitalization and to better provide our employees with all the information they need. We can leverage the knowledge of our researchers and developers faster and more target-oriented, for example, to be able to offer our customers an increasing number of new and innovative products and services.“

Corporate Innovation Manager
Lufthansa Group

„By implementing Mindbreeze as an intelligent search solution, our employees can find relevant information quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its seamless integration into the intranet, country-specific search information can now be retrieved from several information sources with just one query.“

Bettina Nigl
Organizational Development, Strategy, and Process Management at Oberbank AG

„With Mindbreeze InSpire, we have found a solution that could be implemented in the shortest possible time and without any need for staff training. The advantages of this easy-to-handle comprehensive package, and particularly the search results, impressed us right from the get-go.“

Roman Piskernik
IT manager in the industrial sector

„The product is very flexible and fit for our purpose, but the main difference-maker comes from the Mindbreeze organisation. Extremely driven, clever and focused on our success. Even non-technical end users are commenting on the speed and relevancy of the tool. The Search App Editor was one of the deciding factors for us; a truly unique feature that we had not seen from any other vendor.“

IT Service Owner
Digital Workplace in the Retail Industry

„We replaced Google Search Appliance with Mindbreeze InSpire. The implementation time was short, easy to install, the ability to easily integrate the tool to our current environment was a big benefit. We have a lot of unstructured content, and for us, the Mindbreeze's semantic interpretation was a great advantage. Finally, the ability to customize the Front-End and provide a 100% fully responsive interface was a great achievement.“

Innovation Manager
Services Industry

Even more advantages

Best value for price

As an appliance and cloud service, Mindbreeze InSpire offers the best price-performance ratio on the market. If you want to avoid complicated and time-consuming implementation and are looking for an out-of-the-box solution that just works, Mindbreeze InSpire is the right product for you.

Global Players' first choice

Major international companies such as Lufthansa, Daimler AG, Air France and Freddie Mac to name just a few, are among the ever-growing list of satisfied customers using solutions from Mindbreeze. Read more about our customers here.

Try & Buy

We love to give you hands-on proof of what Mindbreeze InSpire can do for you. That’s why we offer a Try & Buy package. Mindbreeze allows interested customers to test all the functions and features of our application for 28 days under real business conditions. And not only that, the customer doesn’t simply receive the standard configuration − during the free trial period, the customer is privy to the full support of the Mindbreeze team.


Mindbreeze has been dedicated to the development of intelligent search technology for more than 15 years. 15 years of development, know-how, and experience stand behind the Mindbreeze products in our core areas of enterprise search, text mining, data mining, and semantic self-learning mechanisms/algorithms.

Security and reliability

As a software manufacturer and cloud provider, Mindbreeze places the utmost priority on data protection and data security. Mindbreeze is certified and tested according to all relevant standards for security and reliability. Through our company and server locations in Central Europe and the US, we are subject to the strictest data protection laws. Your data is in safe hands with us. Read more about how we guarantee the security of your data here.


We have been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines in the past. Feel free to take a look at our Gartner® Peer Insights™ reviews:

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