Mastering the Bid Lifecycle: AI-powered Bid/No-Bid Decision Making

Felix Breiteneder, Mindbreeze BidForce

The second blog in our series, Mastering the Bid Lifecycle, builds upon the foundation set in our opening discussion, Mastering the Bid Lifecycle: Opportunity Discovery and Beyond.

Mastering the Bid Lifecycle: Opportunity Discovery and Beyond

Felix Breiteneder, Mindbreeze BidForce

Welcome to our insightful series that explores the critical phases of the bid management lifecycle. Throughout this journey, we will uncover how Mindbreeze BidForce revolutionizes each stage and helps customers win more business.

Future-Proofing Your Bid Management Strategy in the Face of Demographic Shifts

Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

In this blog, we will explore the key benefits of the Mindbreeze BidForce solution in regard to demographic shifts, emphasizing the importance of knowledge management and optimized bid management processes.

Mindbreeze Founds Subsidiary Company: Mindbreeze BidForce

Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

If you haven’t heard already, Mindbreeze has founded a new subsidiary company, Mindbreeze BidForce. Mindbreeze BidForce bundles competencies for innovative bid management and efficient sales processes.

In Case You Missed It: Podcast Episode #2: “Automating Sales Processes Within Your Enterprise”

Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

In case you missed it, episode #2 of the Mindbreeze Podcast covers the automation of sales processes and how best AI practices can assist salespeople to win more business.

Mindbreeze Named a Leader and Positioned Highest for Ability to Execute in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Insight Engines

Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

We are thrilled to announce that Mindbreeze has been named a Leader once again and positioned highest for Ability to Execute in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

Mindbreeze erhält Web Accessibility Certificate (WACA) für Barrierefreiheit im Web

Kathrin Stadler, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Wir freuen uns sehr euch mitteilen zu können, dass Mindbreeze von der Initiative WACA und der unabhängigen Zertifizierungsstelle TÜV Austria mit dem Silber-Zertifikat für Barrierefreiheit im Web ausgezeichnet wurde.

How To Automate The Bid Management Process With Artificial Intelligence

Daniel Fallmann, Gründer & Geschäftsführer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been at the forefront of saving businesses valuable time and resources for quite some time now. It has made revolutionary impacts and discoveries from maps and navigation, chatbots, text editors, digital assistants, facial recognition and more.

Find the Expert: Use AI to Identify the Knowledge Carrier at Your Enterprise

Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

It may be hard to believe when you are rapidly researching and fighting for a deadline, but your company does have all the information you will ever need. The problem occurs when you don’t have the tools to find it. But that’s where insight engines, such as Mindbreeze InSpire, step in.

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Bid Management?

Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Winning long-term contracts is crucial in stabilizing the cash flow of your business. However, winning anything doesn’t come easy, and there is a process involved. The good news is this process can be automated with Mindbreeze and the power of AI.