In Case You Missed It: Podcast Episode #2: “Automating Sales Processes Within Your Enterprise”

In Case You Missed It: Podcast Episode #2: “Automating Sales Processes Within Your Enterprise”

On February 15th, 2023, we released our second episode of the Mindbreeze Podcast: Illuminating Information. In the series, experts discuss how companies can embrace corporate knowledge to be better, smarter, and more innovative in their approaches to knowledge management. 

In case you missed it, episode #2 covers the automation of sales processes and how best AI practices can assist salespeople to win more business.

Episode Description

Sales processes industry-wide are significantly more efficient with automation in the equation. Utilizing artificial intelligence to manage CRMs, generate responses to RFPs with the help of natural language question answering (NLQA), and track deadlines with potential clients is a vital tool for sales departments to thrive in their industry.

This episode addresses how companies can utilize the power of automation to generate more sales and nurture relationships with potential and existing clients.

How can access to data and specialized AI techniques achieve sales to keep a company up and running? What tools can companies use to generate 360-views of customers and companies in the sales pipeline?

We are thrilled to explore these insightful topics with the COO and Vice President of Sales at Mindbreeze, Trey Norman.

Another topic discussed with Trey centers around automating sales processes to fit into a recession-proof business model for 2023, with significant staff changes expected to occur in the potentially concerning economic climate.

Where Can You Listen?

We put the podcast below for your listening as well.