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Insight engines: What really matters

October 22, 2021Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

From classifying documents, linking and preparing information from in-house and external data sources intelligently, to displaying assets and complex processes – the demands on today’s intelligent knowledge management solutions are immense.

An Interview with Amazing Business Radio: A Holistic View of the Customer

October 19, 2021Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Our Founder and CEO, Daniel Fallmann, joined Shep Hyken of Amazing Business Radio for a discussion on empowering customer service agents with knowledge.

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Bid Management?

September 29, 2021Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Winning long-term contracts is crucial in stabilizing the cash flow of your business. However, winning anything doesn’t come easy, and there is a process involved. The good news is this process can be automated with Mindbreeze and the power of AI.