Mindbreeze Founds Subsidiary Company: Mindbreeze BidForce

Mindbreeze Founds Subsidiary Company: Mindbreeze BidForce

If you haven’t heard already, Mindbreeze has founded a new subsidiary company, Mindbreeze BidForce.

If you haven’t had the chance to read the official press release on Business Wire. We have all the information from the release below.

In addition, you can check out the release in the Mindbreeze Newsroom.

Mindbreeze BidForce bundles competencies for innovative bid management and efficient sales processes.

Mindbreeze, a leading knowledge management provider, announced today the founding of subsidiary Mindbreeze BidForce. Mindbreeze BidForce leverages the existing strengths of its Insight Engine and provides a customized solution with enhanced functionalities for bid management teams. Entrepreneur Felix Breiteneder will manage Mindbreeze BidForce.

"Bid management requirements have changed significantly, which increasingly presents sales staff with challenges," explains Breiteneder, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze BidForce. "To overcome these challenges, powerful solutions are needed to filter and prepare information from available data and make it accessible to the user. This is exactly where BidForce comes into play."

Higher chance of success through automated AI processes

Mindbreeze BidForce uses artificial intelligence methods combined with natural language understanding to comprehend business information and provide relevant answers to critical business questions. The solution can optimize the entire bid management process, from pre-selection and planning to proactive responses to tender documents.

"Mindbreeze's many years of experience show that a significant area of application for knowledge management is in managing bids and sales processes," explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze. "To win customers, responsible parties must compile countless pieces of information on the products and services offered. We continue to see this as a space where information provision and insight on product features, experts, suppliers, etc., pays off for our partners and customers."

Mindbreeze BDI Ecosystem as the core foundation

The innovative business ecosystem, Mindbreeze BDI (Business Decision Insights), is the foundation for Mindbreeze BidForce. Mindbreeze BDI creates the basis for implementing new business models and insight solutions, enabling founders and partners to use synergies and network effects optimally.

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