Expert Training for Mindbreeze InSpire

Expert Training for Mindbreeze InSpire


As our name suggests, sometimes “easy” and “simple” aren’t quite good enough. We genuinely want the process to be a breeze, and our very own Mindbreeze Academy makes that possible.

In a simple three-step plan, our academy is reinventing education and ready to make you the knowledge carrier within your corporation. 

Overview Training

First, you gain an overview with our overview certified expert training on all of the features and use cases you can implement with our products.

Deepen Your Knowledge

Second, you dig deeper into the topics you need for your specific use cases with our in-depth training and online courses.

Leverage the Power of Mindbreeze

Finally, we have our “All-Inclusive Mindbreeze Subscription”, which consists of one overview training per year and unlimited access to all online courses, tutorial videos, and other forms of knowledge transfer with Mindbreeze Academy. 

To access Mindbreeze videos and tutorials, please visit our tutorial webpage.