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Make better decisions with AI-generated knowledge from the Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine.

AI generated insights

Mindbreeze InSpire

Make full use of all your company's knowledge. Mindbreeze InSpire brings information together and provides you with the relevant facts at the right time.



Choose between different cloud providers and scale without additional hardware or software.



Benefit from the advantages of the cloud and easily connect critical data from local servers.



Keep an overview of your sensitive data at all times without an external connection and ensure the highest level of data protection.


500+ Konnektoren

Automatic linking of data sources

Break down your company's data silos

With over 500 connectors, you can connect data sources from different cloud services and servers to the Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine. Avoid the potential data chaos of a multi-cloud strategy and access relevant information quickly and easily. You always decide which sources you want to connect!

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360-degree view of facts

Get a comprehensive view of your company knowledge

Mindbreeze InSpire creates personalized views of relevant information so you always have the big picture without losing sight of any details. All facts are linked together with 360-degree views, allowing easy navigation from one piece of information to another with just a few clicks.

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Generative artificial intelligence

Act quickly, intuitively and in compliance when using generative AI

Large language models such as GPT summarize facts in natural language and help to automate tasks. By combining a large language model and insight engine, such as Mindbreeze InSpire, you can guarantee the ongoing security of your company data and fact-based prompts. Information is not passed on to third parties or analyzed. In addition, you can always check the answers provided by cited sources.

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Automatic workplace integration

Work in your familiar environment

Mindbreeze InSpire integrates seamlessly into your familiar work environment, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce. Find relevant information faster without having to change applications. Mindbreeze InSpire works in the background and immediately displays the optimal search results based on user behavior.

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Find the Expert

Find internal experts effortlessly

By intelligently linking facts, you can quickly identify the experts in your company. Mindbreeze InSpire visualizes connections between key topics and people. These knowledge graphs allow you to use expert knowledge in a targeted and versatile way.

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Case Studies

See how companies in different industries benefit from Mindbreeze InSpire.


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