NO NEED TO change your workflow

Mindbreeze works behind the scenes on any of the applications you may be using.

Work comfortably

Seamless integration into your workplace

Mindbreeze InSpire can be seamlessly integrated into all applications and therefore into all your current business processes. So information is available wherever and whenever you need it.

Digital Workplace Integration

No more going back and forth!

The application you are working on at any given moment is typically not the application in which you search. It is inefficient to click from Microsoft Outlook, where you organize projects and send emails to Mindbreeze and back to Outlook again. This is why we integrate and work behind the scenes on any of the applications you may be using.

Three of our Most Popular Integrations

Microsoft Outlook Add-in

By simply adding the URL of your Insight Application into Outlook’s settings, you can use the full power of Mindbreeze without changing your workflow.


Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online

Mindbreeze is integrated right into SharePoint, and yet again, you can search and interact directly in the application.


Mindbreeze InSpire integrates directly into your Salesforce account to give you a 360-degree view of your entire sales funnel. More knowledge on every lead and customer in the pipeline than you’ve ever had before!

Automate and streamline entire workflows

Mindbreeze InSpire can also be used in workflow automation and streamlining. Integrating Insight Apps directly into your workflow processes enable entire documents to be uploaded as a query, enriched with further information in the familiar application, and processed directly.


Webinar: Seamless integration into your workplace

Mounting volumes of data, differing formats, and a multitude of applications – the digital age has heightened our need for information, while also impeding its accessibility.

In our webinar, you’ll learn how to overcome these challenges and have all the information available in your familiar working environment exactly when you need it.

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Many other touchpoint integrations available

As you see, we are more than capable of integrating with the business applications that you use most, no matter what they may be.

From Salesforce to ServiceNow to Microsoft Teams and many more - we offer workplace integrations with various applications. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.