Know what your experts know

Mindbreeze knows your employees, learning from their development, strengths, and skills to locate the expert you’re looking for.

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Know what your experts know

Alongside data, expertise is proving to be an increasingly valuable asset for businesses. From research and development to production – assembling teams that have the expert knowledge relevant to the task at hand is a key priority in a diverse range of business contexts and corporate divisions. Expertise is always sought when it is needed – which means that employees are typically involved in several different projects at the same time.

Analyzing and understanding enterprise data and identifying subject matter experts

Besides the information retrieved from personnel files, internal collaboration platforms, and master data, Mindbreeze can also trace, analyze, and interpret the experts’ digital footprints – naturally in full compliance with data privacy laws – which is the only way to determine genuine subject matter experts.

This can be achieved by understanding information and correlating it intelligently. That’s how Mindbreeze InSpire is able to take texts such as e-mail correspondence, publications, reports, minutes, manuals, and other documentation and determine which field a given person is an expert in. Of course, Mindbreeze InSpire also takes the relevant context into account, including projects, team members, and similar factors.



At the push of a button, Mindbreeze InSpire identifies the individuals among the multitude of experts in a company who possess the expertise that is currently needed because, for instance, they have already worked on a similar project, have created or adapted content on a particular topic, hold certifications, or have already dealt with comparable issues by virtue of their professional background.


NLP and NLQA make it possible to understand human language. When users ask "Who is the expert on drug XY?", they receive a definitive answer rather than a myriad of documents that contain the name they’re searching for.


Mindbreeze InSpire incorporates all ingested content from connected data sources into the search. Alongside extracted and enriched data from e-mail archives, the insight engine searches through documentation, miscellaneous catalogs, directories, and manuals, linking the available information with additional data such as career history, certifications, publications, and studies – to pinpoint the relevant experts.

Semantic Connection

Mindbreeze InSpire knowledge graph allows you to see the connection between real-world entities in an organized graph-structured model and gather actionable insights. You can clearly link a topic to the knowledge expert within your company and get quick intelligence in any area of the business.

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