Focusing on the Digital Employee Experience for Long-Term Business Success

June 28, 2022Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) looks at how your organization’s digital workplace strategies play a role in the overall experience of your workforce.

Mindbreeze InSpire 22.1 release offers many new features

June 23, 2022Kathrin Stadler, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

As always, we are very excited to share with you the many innovations and features that our great team was able to implement as part of the 22.1 release. In addition to technical enhancements, new search functions and other innovative features await you.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Streamline Enterprise Operations

June 21, 2022Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Robotic process automation (RPA) aims to free workers of redundant and routine projects that don’t require their attention and effort.

Avoiding Duplicates of Data: What’s an Enterprise Master Patient Index?

June 16, 2022Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Person data or patient data is often contained in separate systems. In healthcare, there are records on different patients from a wide variety of different places and occurrences. Records may exist from hospital visits, primary care doctors, outpatient clinics, or even rehab centers.

Using Mindbreeze Insight Apps to Augment Your Data

June 14, 2022Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Mindbeeze Insight Apps shape and design the access to your company's information and customize it tailored to your needs.

Using Digital Twins And Preparing For The Metaverse

June 9, 2022Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO

The metaverse is rapidly expanding, and with that, several companies are responding by preparing for the virtual world.

3 Ways Mindbreeze InSpire Eases the Workday for Employees

June 7, 2022Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

No matter the use case, no matter the department, Mindbreeze InSpire’s goal is to eliminate burdens and hurdles employees may experience during the workday.

BrightTALK Webinar: Business Transformation Through Insights-Driven Automation

June 2, 2022Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Mindbreeze recently took part in a fascinating webinar presented by BrightTALK and in partnership with Kirk Borne, Chief Data Scientist, at Data Prime.

Natural Language Processing with Mindbreeze Insight Services

May 31, 2022Gerald Martinetz, Mindbreeze Pre-Sales

The Natural Language Processing Service ensures the processing of natural language and thus the understanding of content and company knowledge.

Digital Contract Management Powered by Knowledge Extraction

May 26, 2022Jeremy Wise, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

With Mindbreeze integration and Knowledge Extraction Insight Service, administrative tasks required for the management of multiple, overlapping contracts can be completely automated.

Weak Supervision: Artificial Intelligence Without Teething Problems

May 24, 2022Kathrin Stadler, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Machine learning (ML) is considered a key technology for developing products, processes, and services. Even if the tasks are very different, the approach is often the same.

How Fluid Organizations Use AI To Strengthen Their People

May 19, 2022Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO

Many characteristics define a fluid or liquid organization, but agile and innovative seem to be the most consistent.