The one that understands

Mindbreeze understands the meaning of the information as a whole, and not just the terms.

Knowledge Management

Increasingly, businesses are coming to understand just how valuable their data and expertise really are. But how do you know what your company knows?
Mindbreeze InSpire enriches and extracts data from the entire spectrum of different sources into a single application and analyzes the ingested content to transform it into customized 360-degree views that deliver users the right information in the right context at the right time.

  • Company information
    Mindbreeze InSpire finds every piece of information available about your company, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, contact persons, and more.
  • Expertise
    Are you looking for an expert or trying to find a specific project? Mindbreeze lays out all of the relevant facts including contact information – clearly and concisely.
  • Documents
    The preview function enables users to locate any document quickly and review it in advance, including any recent edits.
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Upgrading enterprise search

Our insight engine integrates artificial intelligence with conventional enterprise search capabilities. Semantic analysis and the intelligent linking of available information quickly render complex correlations visible and comprehensible.

Use company knowledge holistically

With over 450 connectors, Mindbreeze InSpire can be connected easily to any data source to then link and correlate all the embedded information, making relevant data available automatically across all applications, departments, and corporate boundaries.


Appliance format takes you straight to go-live

The appliance comes fully preconfigured and is ready to use straight out of the box.

Self-learning classification process

The system recognizes contexts automatically and continuously enriches content with further information.



Automated document processing

Manually pre-processing and sorting incoming mail and electronic documents such as faxes, e-mails and their attachments, as well as messages and posts from social media channels is time-intensive, expensive, and prone to error. Mindbreeze extracts the content from unstructured texts – a customer number (metadata) for instance – and applies semantics to determine whether the document is a request or an order (document type).

Intelligent, self-learning, and self-optimizing

But how can documents be classified without having to create elaborate sets of rules?
The key to that is deep learning. The insight engine extracts the essential information from training documents and previously processed documents and stores it for future reference – a self-learning process. Existing data is further developed and enriched with new insight. That’s how Mindbreeze constantly expands its knowledge.

Intelligent site search

Mindbreeze InSpire for the cloud features exceptional search capabilities across all company-specific portals, websites, blogs, and social media channels. With Mindbreeze InSpire, your website visitors instantly find just what they’re looking for.

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Understanding and leveraging existing information in combination with AI is not just a nice-to-have luxury anymore. It lays the foundation for your future success! We can help you make your AI project quantifiable and cost-predictable.

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