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Open Platform and Open API

Independent Software Vendor

As an independent software vendor, you gain access to all the features of our unparalleled solution and profit from our team of senior software architects who work with you to take the concept and schematic for your product to the next level. Experience a partnership that will propel your growth, expand your sales opportunities, and keep your customers happy.

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An outstanding product

Take advantage of the quality of our products and innovative solutions and integrate the power of AI-based functionality into your products.


Seamless integration

Provide your customers with access to all their information at the right time and in the working environment they’re already familiar with (third-party applications).


Exceptional collaboration

Our senior software architects provide hands-on support to help you get the most out of your product.


Unlimited Possibilities

Take your solution to the next level

Mindbreeze InSpire is much more than an innovative product with a multitude of functions that you can use end-to-end right out of the box. Open interfaces and standards enable a diverse range of configuration options. Based on current advanced technologies, specific adjustments can be carried out swiftly to address your unique needs.

Do you have requirements that can’t be covered entirely with our out-of-the-box product?
Use our extension points to extend Mindbreeze InSpire to suit your preferences.


Whether on-prem, cloud, or a combination – Mindbreeze InSpire's versatile implementation options won’t put a cap on what you want to achieve. Mindbreeze InSpire can ingest content and data from all data sources. All options feature the same exceptional functionality and can be fully customized to match your specific needs.

Further information and SDK samples



Third-party products and services

Using Extension Points, Mindbreeze InSpire is able to integrate third-party products and services, including:

  • Translation and speech recognition services - e.g.: DeepL, Cortana, Google Speech API
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services - e.g.: ABBYY
  • Trained models - e.g.: GPT-3
  • Translation software - e.g.: Nuance


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