Mindbreeze Podcast Presents: “A Look into Mindbreeze and 360-Degree Views”

We are thrilled to present the new episode of our podcast. 

In episode 16, we welcome Tim Clancy, Regional Sales Manager, North America at Mindbreeze. 

Tim is responsible for expanding Mindbreeze’s footprint in North America and delivering value to our customers. He is a seasoned sales and marketing leader with over two decades of experience designing and implementing go-to-market programs for software and services companies. Prior to joining Mindbreeze, Tim worked for Adobe in both their partner and field sales organizations. Tim is based in Chicago, having returned to his home town after 20 plus years in San Francisco.

We talk with Tim about his experience so far at Mindbreeze and the impact Mindbreeze has on modern business operations. Join us to discover how Mindbreeze enhances customer visibility for field sales representatives and other departments, providing them with crucial insights for more effective client interactions. We also explore the efficiency gains in business development processes, highlighting how Mindbreeze ensures response quality and consistency with 360-degree views and how this comprehensive perspective fosters better decision-making to drive enterprise success.

We will be talking to Tim again for episode 17, so be on the lookout!

Join us for an illuminating discussion on the boundless potential of AI in shaping the future of proposal management.

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Listen to Episode 16 on our website today.

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