The end of Google Site Search – What now?

The end of Google Site Search – What now?


According to media reports, around one year after the discontinuation of the Google Search Appliance, Google will discontinue yet another product – Google Site Search.

Google Site Search started in 2008. Website operators and companies were able to integrate Google's search technology in their own website and use it to index and search their own content. Customers were also able to subjectively adjust the design, and benefited from a few extras, such as involvement in the presentation of the results via XML, saving themselves the trouble of having to structure their own search function.

But now Google intends to discontinue this product; existing customers can use their licenses until they expire. From April 1 onwards, no new licenses for use will be sold, and contract extensions will no longer be possible, since the service is to be discontinued within one year.

Those customers whose contract ends between 1 April and 30 June, 2017 will receive a free, three-month extension of the service in order to prepare the migration to another product ­­− a relatively short time to come up with a replacement.


What can affected businesses do now?

There are many alternatives to Google Search Site. Even if evaluating a good website search application doesn’t sound like a big challenge, there are some parameters that should be considered when making the decision.

Of primary importance is selecting a (website) search application that also prepares the company for the digital transformation. Because in light of digitalization, isolated solutions make little sense. Suitable solutions are ones that serve to equip businesses for the future.

For over 12 years, Mindbreeze has been focusing on the issues of knowledge management, big data, and optimal ways to efficiently process data for users. is using Mindbreeze as a website search. The displayed filters or selection options support navigation and can be easily adapted to the needs of the site visitors. The order of these hits (relevance) can be determined and scaled by the company itself. See also our case study.


Integrate Mindbreeze as a website search

The Search App Designer developed by Mindbreeze allows you to create custom search queries. Individually custom-designing the display is easy. The Search App Designer contains a selection of so-called UI components (design elements), such as filters, that can be easily combined any way you like without prior programming knowledge. Mindbreeze then automatically generates a corresponding code for integration to the corporate website.

Once the code is added to the company's website, Mindbreeze is able to access all the information and documents on the company's web portals, websites, blogs, and social media channels through a semantic search index. Not just the HTML text, but also the document content on a website − regardless of whether these are PDF documents, Microsoft Office documents, or e-mails. This allows the site visitors to find exactly the information they are looking for.

In Reports you can also see which information was not found by users. This allows content to be optimized in a targeted way. Of course, the search adapts to all form factors, allowing site visitors to navigate smoothly through the website using their mobile devices.

Mindbreeze is available as both a cloud service and an appliance upon request. This offer leaves room for further expansion and provides companies with the opportunity to adjust to future trends in the best possible way.

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