mouse day

Doors open with the mouse at Mindbreeze

Released on October 4, 2023

For the eighth time, Mindbreeze, along with many other companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, opened its doors to interested children on October 3, 2023.


Accompanied by presenter Ulla Pilz, around 70 children this year were able to open two "mouse doors" at once:


Behind the first door, they learned about the inner workings of a server and our NAO robots, Bob and Eve. Under guidance, the programmed robots made Bob and Eve walk, stand, wave, and dance.

Behind the second door, the children discovered how visually impaired people live and work with assistive technology - from a simple tape measure and compass to cutting-edge technology. The AI-assisted photo description was particularly well received. The children were photographed with a smartphone, at which point software automatically described the photo in spoken language.


 You can find impressions of Mouse Day on our YouTube channel.


mouse day