Hands-on: How to apply Mindbreeze InSpire Text Classification Insight Service - AI at your fingertips

Head of Academy, Patrick Geschwentner, is pleased to introduce you to our new, innovative feature, Mindbreeze InSpire Text Classification Insight Service.
In the webinar, you will gain insights into the many possibilities for your company associated with the feature, learn how to configure it easily and effortlessly, and receive a live demo of a very concrete use case.


16:00 CET / 09:00am CST


60 minutes

Contracts, invoices, orders, delivery bills, purchase orders, and countless documents are processed and handled by companies every day.

The challenge: all documents must be correctly categorized and assigned to the appropriate department to ensure productive work.

This calls for fast and efficient processes that can quickly adapt to the circumstances and business requirements.

But, how can documents be classified without creating elaborate sets of rules? How can this be applied to your own company, and how can the AI be perfectly adapted to your specific business?

Find out in our upcoming webinar.



Patrick Geschwentner

Patrick Geschwentner

Head of Mindbreeze Academy


  • Introduction into Text Classification Insight Service
  • Insights into use cases
  • Configuration
  • Hands-On Live Demo
  • Training options