Tutorial Videos

First Startup and Support

Category: Introduction

Learn how to install a Mindbreeze InSpire appliance and make the first configurations. We will show you how to set up the network and which Mindbreeze support platforms are available.

Install SSL certificate

Category: Introduction

This video demonstrates how to install the SSL certificates for both the Web Client and for the Management Center. If your web connection to the Mindbreeze InSpire web interface is not secure, you can upload a valid SSL certificate via the Management Center.

Setup Scenarios

Category: Introduction

Find out which options are available for setting up multiple Mindbreeze InSpire Appliances. You'll learn how to set up and maintain each of the available scenarios.

Update a Mindbreeze InSpire appliance

Category: Administration

In this video we show you how to update your Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance to the latest software version. It features also how to downgrade to older versions and discusses patches and other enhancements.

Set up a basic Web Connector

Category: Connectors

This Video describes how to configure a basic Web Connector to index a website for both with and without a sitemap. Using app.telemetry you can analyze crawled documents and the crawl run.

Set up a Microsoft File Connector

Category: Connectors

This Video describes how to configure the Microsoft File Connector. See what preconditions are necessary and how to configure the index. Also have a look at the Active Directory Based Authentication, as well as LDAP and how to analyze crawled documents and crawl runs in app.telemetry.

Set up a Microsoft SharePoint Connector

Category: Connectors

Learn how to configure the Microsoft SharePoint Connector for On-Premises installations. Have a look at the necessary prerequisites of Microsoft SharePoint and how to configure the index, as well as how to analyze the crawled documents and the crawl run.

Creating an Insight App

Category: Development of Insight Apps

This video shows you how to create your own Mindbreeze InSpire Search App using the integrated Search App Designer. All the functions of the standard client are explained in detail, such as improving the result list using filter and the Mindbreeze InSpire Query Language.

Monitoring with app.telemetry

Category: Reporting

Learn how to analyze search queries and crawling, as well as how to export logs. Take a look at the general reporting tools including reports, charts, service checks and feedback.