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3 IT trends in the healthcare sector

December 7, 2018Adolf Sonnleitner, Mindbreeze Sales

Digitalization is increasingly impacting the healthcare sector. New products and services are making their way into day-to-day clinical practice or are offered as apps for patients. Dr.

Medical Cockpit - The essentials at a glance

April 24, 2018Adolf Sonnleitner, Mindbreeze Sales

Increasingly, physicians are being confronted with a rising amount of data in the course of  patient treatment. Yet having all the relevant information available in the right context at the right time is particularly crucial for healthcare institutions.

Healthcare Trends for 2018

January 26, 2018Adolf Sonnleitner, Mindbreeze Sales

The healthcare system is currently undergoing radical change and is in the process of reinventing itself thanks to revolutionary developments. Dr. Adolf Sonnleitner of Mindbreeze has summarized the three biggest trends in the healthcare sector for 2018.