Business Decision Insights as a Service

Maximize your decision-making with ultimate intelligence

Mindbreeze BDI

Mindbreeze helps you know relevant facts

As an innovative business ecosystem, Mindbreeze BDI (Business Decision Insights) creates the perfect foundation for implementing business models and insight solutions based on efficient and intelligent knowledge management (Mindbreeze InSpire).

As a partner entrepreneur, you can benefit from many positive network effects.


Mindbreeze BDI Business

Our ecosystem helps leverage synergies and be stronger together

Qualified Entrepreneurs

The Mindbreeze BDI ecosystem comprises qualified entrepreneurs with outstanding software solutions for focused business decisions.

Powerful Insight Engine

"Mindbreeze InSpire" is an optimal technological platform for intelligent software solutions.

Joint strategy development

Together with you, as an entrepreneur and shareholder, we shape the future of your solution and ensure the necessary stability as a strategic partner.

Responsible business

Together, we ensure responsible business practices that consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects.

Focused support

We create the foundation so that you can focus entirely on value-adding activities. You benefit from best practices, coaching, and access to new marketing and sales channels.

Staff units "as a service"

Accounting, invoicing, controlling, HR, legal, cash management, IT, and marketing. With us as your partner, there is no need to set up your own departments. Benefit from our experts and use our existing competencies.

Global customer base

Multiply the potential of your business.
Many of the largest companies in the world already rely on Mindbreeze InSpire. Our customers can become your customers too.

Worldwide partner network

Partners are crucial for success.
Our existing partner network can help you increase your sales opportunities and provide customers with a reliable, future-proof solution.

Many years of expertise

Trust in a proven and established product.
We know what we are doing. Mindbreeze has been ranked by independent research institutions as one of the leading providers in enterprise search and knowledge management for several years in a row.

"The opportunity to build on a market-leading technology and to use the network effects of a global first player is a unique opportunity for an entrepreneur. Mindbreeze BDI offers me the ideal ecosystem to turn my business idea into reality quickly and sustainably."

Felix Breiteneder
Founder & CEO Mindbreeze InTend

Unique Mindbreeze Solutions for your specific challenge

Mindbreeze BDI

Mindbreeze InTend

Optimize bid management processes.

Mindbreeze InTend makes it easier for sales teams to create optimal content and responses within RFPs, respond to opportunities, and meet customer expectations.

Functional Area

Customer Service

Customers have come to expect fast and effective support from a good service team – ideally around the clock and every day of the week. Keeping an informed overview of all the information inside the company that relates to customer requests is an absolute prerequisite for satisfying customer demands.

Functional Area


In an environment increasingly marked by fierce competition and dynamic market development, companies are coming under enormous pressure. This makes it all the more critical to have machines that perform reliably and are fully functional at all times. Companies are thus faced with the daily challenge of minimizing downtime wherever possible.

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What can Mindbreeze BDI do for your core business or business idea?

Mindbreeze BDI supports entrepreneurs in professionalizing their businesses and increasing their economic success.
Thanks to the careful selection of entrepreneurs and solutions and seamless and consistent integration, we create an ecosystem that provides our customers with a first-class user experience.
We actively seek long-term strategic partnerships with emerging software companies.

We are happy to help you understand and use the network effects of Mindbreeze BDI.

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