A New Online Course: What is App.Telemetry?

A New Online Course: What is App.Telemetry?

Mindbreeze is excited to announce a new course on App.Telemetry which will take a deep dive into Mindbreeze InSpire’s logging and monitoring system.

TechTarget, a resource that focuses on the top technology definitions, defines telemetry as:

“Automatic measurement and wireless transmission of data from remote sources…software developers and IT administrators use telemetry to remotely monitor the health, security and performance of applications and application components in real time. They use telemetry to measure startup and processing times, crashes, user behavior and resource use, and to assess the state of a system. Telemetry is also used to gather information in fields such as meteorology, agriculture, defense and healthcare.”

With Mindbreeze InSpire, there are tons of features like dashboards, reports, performance tests, etc., users can easily activate and use inside the solution.

We are happy to share a teaser video for the course below:














For more information and details on other courses, visit our dedicated Mindbreeze Academy webpage to learn the power of Mindbreeze InSpire and its countless features.

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App.Telemetry, Operation and Monitoring

Deep dive into Mindbreeze InSpire's logging and monitoring system.