Customer Service Made Easy

Customer Service Made Easy

Customers expect ad hoc and complex questions to be answered as quickly as standard questions. This requires powerful AI-based applications to support employees by providing concrete answers to concrete questions.

Intelligent Customer Service is a Must-Have

Companies in the finance and insurance industry have large amounts of data that have grown historically and are stored in different applications and departments (motor vehicles, legal protection, household, etc.). Despite the pressure of digitalization and changes in working methods (e.g., mobile working, home office), customer service must not suffer.

As soon as a damage report is received, for example, a rear-end collision, claim handlers need data from numerous sources. Information about the policyholder (corresponding policy, other policies, customer status, past claims, internal records), data about the other party involved in the accident, descriptions of how the accident occurred, photos of the damage, and many more facts to ensure the case is processed quickly.

The Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine uses enterprise search technologies and expands them with artificial intelligence (AI) methods such as machine and deep learning. Both structured and unstructured corporate data can be searched, linked, and analyzed across the board using these engines.

The Result: Complex interrelationships and facts are available to the user at a glance (360-degree view, holistic view).

Innovative speech recognition techniques, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), form the basis of human-machine communication (conversational search). NLP captures and processes spoken and written natural language by machine, while NLU uses rules and algorithms to understand the content and transform it into meaningful information. NLU aims to identify the user's intention and determine the concrete meaning of questions or statements (Behavior Intent).

In parallel, machine and deep learning operate in the background and ensure that the intelligence of the insight engine is constantly evolving. They analyze user behavior, search queries, or new data sets and calculate relevance models based on this data. Insight engines, like Mindbreeze InSpire, classify the relevance of the content and ensure a more intelligent and personalized ranking of the results.

Scaling Intelligent Customer Service

Not only do customers benefit from the advantages of an insight engine, but so do support staff.

Proactive self-service:

A large proportion of the inquiries that reach insurance companies every day are classic, recurring, and repetitive questions. A response by a support employee ties up valuable resources. The more intelligent self-service is, the quicker and easier it is for customers to find the information they need. The basis of a brilliant self-service offering is directing customers to information already available on the website. When a request is made, the solution searches the content, checks and analyzes existing posts/documents, and identifies any correlations. The customer receives the relevant information presented as a suggested solution to their question.

Smart and personalized care:

Even if insight engines contribute significantly to optimizing self-service offerings, personal contact must not be neglected or lost. The experience and knowledge of experts are indispensable, especially in complex cases. The support staff has specialized knowledge that will always be needed. Insight engines account for information in internal data sources such as CRM systems, databases, ticketing systems, or archives when gathering information. Workers regularly update these so 360-degree views can be generated and serve as the basis for quickly solving the query.

Insight engines act as real game changers because they can analyze and intelligently link existing company data. They provide relevant information and complex correlations clearly at the touch of a button and are a prerequisite for fast and personalized customer service.