Find Valuable Information with Mindbreeze InSpire’s Various Connectors

Find Valuable Information with Mindbreeze InSpire’s Various Connectors

Mindbreeze InSpire offers 450+ connectors to tie different data sources together.

Why do we mention this?

Well, valuable information and relevant content exist in all data sources, making connection vital for high-level insight finding. Mindbreeze InSpire takes pride in providing seamless integration within your company to assist with and fast-track use cases essential to your operation.

The various advanced connector options provided by Mindbreeze InSpire’s insight engine ensure information does not go unmissed and all company data is synchronized.

Here is more information on our connector offerings.

“All connectors are able to do more. They support the operative and analytical requirements as well as a preselection of relevant datasets.”

On our webpage we show five approaches you can take to connect to a data source with Mindbreeze InSpire.

Out-of-the-box connector

  1. XML-/Content feed adapter
  2. Data integration connector
    • 200+ data sources with the creation of ETL jobs
    • Out-of-the-box connector for common protocols
  4. Connector framework


One more thing…and trust us, it’s important!

Both the Mindbreeze development team and our partners and third-party manufacturers are constantly striving to develop Mindbreeze InSpire.

If you use a data source that is not yet among our more than 450 connectors, please contact us, and we will gladly offer you an individual connector.

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Find relevant answers in all your data sources, not just selected ones.