Focusing on the Digital Employee Experience for Long-Term Business Success

Focusing on the Digital Employee Experience for Long-Term Business Success

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) looks at how your organization’s digital workplace strategies play a role in the overall experience of your workforce.

We are at a point where the resilience of organizations will not be highlighted by just the needs of the company, but have a major focus on the needs of the employees as well – making it all the more important to continue strategizing for optimal digital employee experiences and game-planning for the future of work.

A typical employee may use up to 8 applications for a single process, adding up to around 40 applications a day. With that said, IT and the technology rolled out across your enterprise needs to be executed with the employee top of mind and not just with what the solution “can or cannot” do for your bottom line.

This year and the next year will be critical times for IT and business leaders, as by 2027 the digital workplace is anticipated to change even more than we have seen since the pandemic.

For more context, Gartner Inc., shares,

“Despite growing digital workplace investment, the employee experience with technology remains a “black box” for most I&O leaders.

DEX tools can provide a deeper understanding of employees’ experiences with digital technologies and enable digital workplace teams to build an approach focused on employees’ individual preferences.”

There are a handful of challenges causing business leaders to rethink their DEX strategies. These include but are not limited to workers departing companies, enterprises being fragmented, and of course, the move to hybrid work.

One misstep that many organizations have taken is to just throw technology at some of these problems and not give employees enough time to learn and get comfortable with them. We urge companies to go about this differently to achieve a sustainable level of success.

If you tackle the problem smartly with a human-centric approach, there will be fewer hurdles along the way and employees will be giving thumbs up about their digital employee experience. This positivity generates more retention and long-term business success.