Hybrid Deployment: The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Deployment: The Best of Both Worlds

Data is an asset that must be protected within enterprises for a multitude of reasons. But we all know this!

This is not necessarily an easy task with the increasing amount of storage options. It is no longer so obvious where the data is located.

To regain control, companies use modern knowledge management solutions, so-called insight engines, based on artificial intelligence. Insight engines enable rapid access to sought-after information and reveal complex interrelationships. However, this convenience is often only provided if all data is available in one data source - for example, in a cloud environment.

In particular, specialist departments that work with confidential or sensitive data often use special applications to meet high compliance requirements. Relocating this data is usually very difficult and requires a great amount of effort. This results in modern knowledge management solutions not being used.

Hybrid Deployment

AI-based enterprise search or knowledge management solutions are available on the market in various forms and operating models.

But are they really suitable for all departments in the company?

Particular attention in the selection process is given to departments that work with highly sensitive, confidential or personal data, as well as the areas that ultimately process this data. Companies are often confronted with an "either-or" decision as part of their evaluation process. They can either make all data available in a cloud environment or exclude specialist departments from the benefits of a modern knowledge management solution.

But companies do not have to make this decision if they opt for a hybrid deployment.

With hybrid deployments, the data always remains where it is (data center, cloud) and is analyzed and linked according to its context. Insight Engines use the power of graphics processing units (GPU) which are able to calculate and apply complex neural models very efficiently. GPUs today represent an essential basic component in the intelligent processing of large amounts of data. They are optimized for highly parallel computation of complex matrices and transformations. The result is a semantic index or graph that provides concrete answers to queries and a uniform overall view (360-degree view) for employees in their individual departments.

For rapid integration of an Insight Engine into the enterprise, the available connectors are crucial. This should be included in the standard product for both on-premises and cloud applications. Another factor is whether the product features provided cover the defined expectations or at least a large part of them. Extensive additional configurations can quickly turn an agile product launch into an IT project with difficulties and runtimes.

The User at the Center: Personalized 360-degree Views

Although data volumes are increasing and working conditions are constantly changing, using Insight Engines allow all employees to take full advantage of intelligent knowledge management – even those working with confidential and/or sensitive data.

Using a combination of artificial intelligence methods such as machine and deep learning with classic enterprise search features, Insight Engines link data sources and are able to show correlations and provide concrete answers to queries. The Insight Engine always accounts for the respective context of the user (role, department, application, workflow information, etc.) and their individual authorizations The user is at the center and not the technology. Insight engines, like the Mindbreeze InSpire, act in the background and understand information as well as the user's intention and provides the right answers.

For companies and their departments, the use of AI-based knowledge management solutions means increased efficiency with information gathering and the creation of additional insights.

Artificial intelligence is helping companies remain competitive.

By using Insight Engines that enable connectivity from all data sources – whether cloud or on-premises – organizations have appropriate tools to respond proactively while adhering to prevailing compliance policies.

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