Mindbreeze InSpire 22.1 release offers many new features

Mindbreeze InSpire 22.1 release offers many new features

As always, we are very excited to share with you the many innovations and features that our great team was able to implement as part of the 22.1 release.

In addition to technical enhancements, new search functions and other innovative features await you.

We have summarized the highlights for you:

Searchable video content

We are always striving to further optimize your search experience and make new file contents searchable for you on an ongoing basis. This includes audio and visual based content such as movies or songs.

Our 22.1 release now also creates the basis for uncomplicated searching of video content. This means that it is possible to index metadata, subtitles, and transcriptions. In this way, users can search for video content even more specifically than the title query. Microsoft Stream, for example, is one of the video platforms where the new feature delivers the best results.

Semantic search

To make content browsing as efficient as possible, this 22.1 release offers you numerous innovations in the area of semantics. As a result, Mindbreeze InSpire is able to better understand your input and provide you with the relevant results.

Both the current and future semantic functions are based on automatic speech recognition, which is fully integrated into the index.

Thanks to the newly introduced composite decomposition, the solution also recognizes individual terms that are composed of several natural language words. Thus, single word segments are sufficient to find complex compound words for the search query.

Semantic search


You can find more information on Compound Splitting in our documentation

Another semantic feature is the automatic recognition of named entities. Building on AI-based speech recognition, sentence segmentation and POS tagging, entities are recognized based on learned models in texts.


Semantic search Named Entity Recognition.


More about Named Entity Recognition (NER) can be found in our documentation


New features in Insight App Designer

To expand the design options for our users while making the search experience more customized, new features have been added to the Insight App Designer.

One of the new features gives you the ability to go beyond a normal text query and additionally restrict search queries as a structural query in a JSON format. For example, you can wrap more complex search constraints in a concise JSON format. This keeps more complex search restrictions hidden in the background and users don't have to further worry about them.

In addition, users now have the ability to customize their queries via the Group Results widget in the Insight App Designer, allowing them to group results based on clustered properties.

Insight App Designer Summarize by


For more information, see our documentation on the topic: Summarize by


In addition, we were again able to develop numerous connectors, as well as implement technical enhancements and security-relevant adjustments.

Want to learn more about our 22.1 release? You can find more information in our Release Notes.


Also register for our What's New - Mindbreeze InSpire 22.1 Release Webinar on July 14, 2022. Trey Norman and Josh Cole will be happy to present all new features in detail.