The global insight engine market: European solution scores top position

The global insight engine market: European solution scores top position

Studies show that being able to offer a short response time to complex questions is increasingly becoming the decisive criterion for success in day-to-day corporate competition. This is why it is more important than ever for companies to access and utilize their own data in order to remain competitive. To a greater and greater extent, unstructured data such as text, voice messages, or videos − which contain information that cannot be integrated into a company’s total knowledge base using traditional tools – is playing a crucial role.

This is where so-called insight engines come into play. They interpret unstructured and structured data using semantic analysis, and prepare it for further use. Search results are improved and returned in a structured format. Of course, insight engines don’t just process unstructured information, but also all other existing company information. The connection to the individual data sources is made through so-called connectors. Another feature of insight engines is that search queries can be formulated in natural language. The intelligent tools interpret the query and provide the relevant corresponding search results.

Gartner recently took a close look at the global insight engines market, and awarded the European company Mindbreeze from Linz (Austria) top placement in the “Challenger” quadrant. For ability to execute − that is, to translate the company’s visions for insight engines into reality – Mindbreeze’s InSpire appliance and cloud service were able to clearly hold their own against international IT giants such as IBM and HP.

Here are some features of the Mindbreeze InSpire platform according to Gartner:

  • The majority of Mindbreeze customers confirm that integration takes less than 90 days, which is significantly better than the average for all insight engine solutions tested. In addition, managing and operating the installation requires fewer human resources.
  • Mindbreeze offers more connectors to data sources out-of-the-box than almost any other vendor. This enables the Linz-based company to reduce adjustments for individual customer requirements when installing, saving both time and money.
  • Mindbreeze received a significant international boost after Google announced the withdrawal of its search appliance.

Studies reflect only a fraction of the possibilities. It is essential to observe and evaluate insight engines in their everyday practical applications. Leading companies like Mindbreeze offer uncomplicated testing to do just that.