When the printer goes haywire...

When the printer goes haywire...

How insight engines and digital twins are revolutionizing customer service

Not many computer accessories are as much of a pain as the printer.
Anyone who has ever urgently needed to print something can identify with this: “No paper” although the tray is clearly full, the toner is leaking, there are stripes on the printouts – somehow there’s always a problem.

While most problems can be solved easily and quickly – or magically vanish into thin air after switching the printer off and back on – more serious problems requiring a little more effort are common.

To get to the bottom of them, you find yourself researching possible causes on the Internet, pouring over the manufacturer’s website, burying yourself in the various user manuals provided as PDF files – but to no avail. So you expand the search to your preferred internet search engine – enter the printer name, the printer number, and the problem you are having – but again: zero useful results. Next attempt – you do the whole thing over again but this time in English... but alas, again no luck. The only thing left to do is call customer service.

A friendly employee takes the call. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to answer the question directly, so the call is forwarded from employee to employee and you are forced to explain the problem again and again. Frustrating for the customer and extremely time- and cost-intensive from a business perspective. 

This is exactly where insight engines and digital twins come in. These days, they are capable of using artificial intelligence to optimize the service chain. 
Find out how this works in practice and how insight engines are revolutionizing customer service in our case study “Boosting customer service in the B2B sector with Mindbreeze InSpire.”

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