The digitalization of industrial production plays a part in the fact that, like people, more and more machines are networked with each other and continuously producing data.

However, collecting this data is merely a minor building block on the road to Industry 4.0. The main objective is to analyze and prepare data from the relevant systems or machines in order to utilize this data for processes like predictive maintenance, quality assurance, or demand planning. This calls for powerful solutions that combine the necessary computing power (CPU) with the ability to understand the data by using machine learning and deep learning.


The Mindbreeze InSpire appliance provides the perfect solution for the production environment and enables:

  • greater flexibility in production.
  • the identification of the optimal maintenance time for the equipment, thus ensuring optimal machine utilization.
  • the safeguarding of production capability.
  • a boost in productivity.
  • lean and optimized processes based on the comprehensive view of the processes.
  • a proactive approach to resource planning.
  • faster market introduction for new products.
  • rapid adaptation to new or amended product requirements.
"With Mindbreeze InSpire, we have found a solution that could be implemented in the shortest possible time and without any need for staff training. The advantages of this easy-to-handle comprehensive package, and particularly the search results, impressed us right from the get-go."

IT manager in the industrial sector

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