Hybrid Search

On Premise
On-Prem Appliance

Mindbreeze InSpire comes ready to use as an “appliance box” that is then securely integrated into the company’s data center. There the appliance has a number of different data sources at its disposal, such as databases, CMS systems, and so on.

The box pulls the data from the different applications, consumes and analyzes it, and creates an index catalog that enables the search.

Cloud (SaaS)

Another option is recommended for companies that are already handling a broad range of data with cloud solutions. In such cases, the appliance box is located in a cloud data center rather than in the internal data center.

The cloud consists of a multitude of different appliances, creating a multi-tenant environment. Based on tenant index boxes that allow each tenant index to represent a different company or different facets of a company, all company-specific data is separated from the other data to ensure that each company can only search in its own data sources.

Hybride Suche

Regardless of whether the company data is located in the cloud or directly on site, Mindbreeze gives companies the ability to index both. On the one hand, Mindbreeze InSpire comes ready to use as an appliance box and every item of data from the various applications is consumed and analyzed on premise. On the other hand, data from cloud services such as Salesforce, Office 365, and LinkedIn is indexed directly from the cloud, a combination that creates a hybrid search.

Users can now search both the cloud and the on-premise applications using a single search query thanks to the common hybrid search index.

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