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Insight Services

Finding the correct information in the ever-increasing volume of data is a daily challenge for companies and their employees. The large amount of unstructured information from, emails, images, videos, or any other type of document makes it particularly difficult to gain an overall view of a given topic. For this reason, we have developed Mindbreeze Insight Services. By using and combining different artificial intelligence methods, Mindbreeze understands, extracts, and links the relevant facts from various information sources and creates summaries to provide your workforce with valuable insights.

Insight Services are the backbone for AI-based information provision (GenAI) with Mindbreeze InSpire.



Fact Extraction Service

Mindbreeze's Fact Extraction Service focuses on the semantic meaning behind the information in your documents. So-called pre-defined models provide the basis for this. This allows key facts to be extracted and linked to already labeled metadata and entities.

With this service, new insights are gained in real time, enabling users to discover factual information and untapped company knowledge.


Using the Classification Service, Mindbreeze extracts metadata from unstructured texts and uses their semantics to determine the document and content type (whether it be text, image, or video).

The basis for this is an integrated machine learning model that continuously optimizes itself and can be easily adapted to your individual business requirements.

Natural Language Question Answering

Mindbreeze InSpire excels at interpreting user queries in natural language. With access to relevant facts from various data sources and formats, Mindbreeze InSpire leverages Natural Language Question Answering (NLQA) to extract meaningful information and provide actionable insights to users. This AI capability allows employees to receive trustworthy, on-the-spot, question answering, no matter their department or experience level.

Large Language Models

The combination of Mindbreeze InSpire and Large Language Models (LLM) offers a brilliant solution that propels organizations to the next level of knowledge management, revolutionizing how data is understood, accessed, and utilized.

Mindbreeze leaves the selection of the preferred LLM to its customers. The Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine is delivered with pre-trained models. Due to the use of Transformer Models and open standards, models from communities such as Huggingface can be easily used.

Retrieval Augmented Generation

Unlike traditional generative models that generate text based solely on a given prompt or input, RAG models have access to an external knowledge source, such as a pre-trained language model or a specialized knowledge base.

This access enables RAG models to incorporate additional context, facts, or evidence into the generation process, resulting in more coherent, accurate, and relevant outputs.

One example is Mindbreeze InSpire AI Chat which summarizes relevant facts in natural language. Users receive additional context through overlaid source information and, therefore, can understand answers quickly and easily.

Insight App Generation

With the Insight App Designer, you can generate any number of 360-degree views of information, so-called Insight Apps, in no time at all and using no code/low code. Users can choose from various design elements and widgets that can be combined as they wish and the information is only shown to people who are authorized to see it.

By integrating Insight Apps into websites and platforms such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce, users receive facts directly in the respective applications they are currently using.

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