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Insight Services

Today, 90% of the data available to companies consists of unstructured information. Business-critical facts are hidden in invoices, contracts, e-mails, reports, whitepapers, e-books, papers, etc. Due to the diversity of documents and texts, it is becoming increasingly challenging to understand relevant information, but at the same time, it is becoming more and more important.

For this reason, we have developed Mindbreeze Insight Services. These combine the most diverse techniques of artificial intelligence to consistently provide your workforce with valuable insights.


Entity Recognition Service

Our Entity Recognition Service enables the automated extraction of useful information from your data. This enables Mindbreeze to understand and filter out people, organizations, data, places, and custom entities.

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Classification Service

With the help of the Classification Service, Mindbreeze extracts metadata from unstructured texts and uses their semantics to identify the document type.

The basis for this is provided by an integrated machine learning model that is constantly self-optimizing and easily adaptable to your specific business requirements.

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Semantic Relation Service

With Mindbreeze's Semantic Relation Service, relationships can be established between different data sources and data from one source can be used to enrich data in another source.

As a result, Mindbreeze can identify and extract correlations and dependencies between your existing information and provide relevant results on a priority basis.

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Proactive Insight Service

The Proactive Insight Service provides highly targeted insights, ideally adapted to specific stakeholders and their concrete business requirements. You define which information and data are most important to you and lay the foundation for visualizing the results.

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Knowledge Extraction Service

Mindbreeze's Knowledge Extraction Service focuses on the semantic meaning behind the information in your documents. So-called pre-defined models provide the basis for this. The Knowledge Extraction Service allows key information and its meaning to be extracted and linked to data that has already been labeled.

New insights are gained that enable stakeholders to discover untapped business knowledge and potential.

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Natural Language Processing Service

The Natural Language Processing Service ensures the processing of natural language and thus the understanding of content and company knowledge. Several methods are used simultaneously to analyze the indexed data on one hand and the incoming queries on the other.

These techniques enable actionable insights across multiple languages, not from keywords but from natural, human language.

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