Insight Search - Semantic Answer Search using LLMs

Includes all services to enable semantic question answering for your most important data.

Scope: 20 person-days (time & material)
Availability: Monday - Friday (Europe + USA)

Our experts guide you through the project to answer the questions of your users with the help of large language models.
First we help you select data that delivers facts that are important to your users from your already connected data sources. The next step is to select the best large language model for that use case and other factors, like language or domain specific vocabulary. Finally we will create a dashboard to  that shows the most frequent questions leading to answers.

This package includes:

  • A Kick-off meeting
  • Working sessions to
    • understand and define your use case
    • select the data to use for question answering
    • select a large language model
  • A dashboard to analyze the question answering usage

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