Corporate 360: Generate new insights for a competitive edge

In this webinar, Trey Norman, Mindbreeze Senior Presales Engineer and Benedict Bleimschein, COO and VP Customer Success will reveal three concrete use cases on how the Mindbreeze InSpire appliance and insight services help you gather business-changing intelligence at ease.


16:00 CET / 09:00am CST


45 minutes

Whether you know it or not, intelligence is scattered across your business. In a detail-oriented world with piles of data in existence, companies must be taking steps to not only manage their information efficiently but truly understand the meaning of it.

Consolidating the full picture of your corporation’s intelligence gives your entire workforce access to business-changing and revolutionary patterns and insights.

However, achieving this level of information finding is not always so simple.

That is where Mindbreeze InSpire and Automated AI-Systems come into the picture.

Watch our Corporate 360 webinar to learn how you can gather information from all corners of your company and win more business along the way with Mindbreeze InSpire.

Webinar Corporate 360


Trey Norman

Trey Norman

COO & VP of Sales North America
Benedict Bleimschein

Benedict Bleimschein

COO & VP Customer Success


  • Introduction
  • Use Cases
    • Information Insight
    • Find the Expert
    • Bid Automation
  • Q&A