The route to effortless migration

A cornerstone goal at Mindbreeze is to be absolutely certain that our customers can maximize the full potential of Mindbreeze InSpire.
To make that happen, and to guarantee that – alongside our software – our hardware is consistently working at optimum levels, we need to update our high-end insight engine hardware every three years.


16:00 CEST / 09:00am CDT


30 minutes

In our next webinar, we'll show you the route to effortless migration and make sure that nothing stands in the way of your seamlessly smooth transition to our next-gen appliance.

What's more, you'll learn how to use the Update Wizard, making it a breeze to install the latest Mindbreeze InSpire releases. During the webinar, we'll also share with you a guide for the recommended annual firmware update.

As part of our wide range of consulting services, we'll be happy to support you with your own specific needs and requirements as well. Find out which packages are best suited for a migration or an update and what other options are available with Mindbreeze.

Carefree Appliance Renewal


Patrick Geschwentner

Patrick Geschwentner

Head of Mindbreeze Academy


  • Introduction
  • Update via Management Center
  • Update firmware
  • Snapshots in the Mindbreeze Management Center
  • Setting up hardware monitoring
  • Carefree migration