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Artificial intelligence

AI opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the business environment, especially when it comes to understanding content and preparing it for a specific context – but it also helps pinpoint and home in on the user's exact needs and provides accurate answers to questions.

Applied AI doesn't always have to mean a major project.
With Mindbreeze InSpire, AI comes straight out of the box, and having readily available and applicable neural models is the key to getting started quickly.

The main applications for Mindbreeze InSpire's AI

Mindbreeze provides special support for the following three essential business requirements:



Automating business processes with AI

Cognitive insight

Cognitive experience

Automating business processes with AI

Recurring repetitive tasks often rob employees of valuable time that could be spent on more meaningful problem-solving and customer-focused activities. With Mindbreeze InSpire, even highly complex business processes can be automated, streamlined, and simplified with ease.

Contract management

Mindbreeze InSpire's capabilities allow the solution to read legal and contractual documents to locate and extract terms and conditions using natural language processing.
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Automated document processing

By combining semantic analysis and deep learning, Mindbreeze InSpire automatically recognizes the difference between a request and an order and passes it on to the right department.

Cognitive Insight

Drawing from a diverse range of methods, Mindbreeze InSpire slashes the time and effort it takes to gain critical insights.

Understanding the data with the semantic pipeline

Using the methods of machine learning, in particular deep learning, Mindbreeze InSpire is capable of recognizing patterns in data and making them available to the user. That way, users can find, analyze, and extract tangible answers hidden deep inside documents, audio files, tables, or videos.

Customized 360-degree views to suit individual needs

Based on the context of the request, the anticipated response, user behavior, and permissions, Mindbreeze harnesses the power of AI to dynamically create customized 360-degree (holistic) views of a digital twin.
Machine learning and deep learning ensure that Mindbreeze understands all the information you store about your customers, suppliers, employees, products, and more, and provides you with the data you need when you need it.

Cognitive Experience

Mindbreeze InSpire uses AI to facilitate personalized, context-sensitive interactions with customers and co-workers.

Conversational Search

This area highlights where the potential of Mindbreeze InSpire far transcends that of conventional chatbots. Mindbreeze helps users find information quickly and easily, whether they know exactly what they’re looking for or barely know where to begin.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Questioning (NLQ), and Natural Language Question Answering (NLQA), Mindbreeze engages in a dialog with the user and automatically processes requests, makes recommendations, or proposes alternatives. 

Relevance model

The greater the pool of data is, the tougher it is for the user to find exactly what he or she is looking for. Our relevance model – based on machine learning and neural networks – analyzes user behavior (things like previous searches and interactions with hits), predicts which content is relevant, and personalizes the way results are displayed. Date enrichment at its finest!





A self-learning system

Our applied methods are designed to learn from experiences (success and failure rates) that occurred in past interactions at all touchpoints. They customize their answers to questions and can even adjust the way they respond. Mindbreeze InSpire utilizes machine learning to continuously refine and optimize search results.

Understanding and leveraging existing information in combination with AI is not just a nice-to-have luxury anymore. It lays the foundation for your future success! We can help you make your AI project quantifiable and cost-predictable.

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