Optimized Relevance to Provide Relevant Results

Optimized Relevance to Provide Relevant Results

The ability to search for company-wide data in a single application is a powerful tool, but if the results of your search lack relevancy, the power of the solution loses value.

So, to ensure the relevance of our customer's query results fit their needs, we take numerous steps by evaluating the actions users take.

How does Mindbreeze InSpire Evaluate Relevance?

Mindbreeze InSpire looks at a vast amount of different actions and signals to pinpoint which results are relevant. Without tracking users and invading privacy, we for instance use query information and activity, action paths, click rates, and even simulate sessions to help detect the most relevant results to a specific search.

Actions taken within the insight app trigger our telemetry, and data from these actions are analyzed– such as which documents are clicked, how long they were open, how deep it was scrolled, and many other aspects. Knowing this information paints a clear picture of which documents users benefit from and which provide less value.

On top of using the accumulated data from the search actions, users can give direct feedback regarding relevance. User feedback is provided through interactive means, such as voting systems.

In addition, our insight app is equipped with parameters to model the behavior of user profiles. These parameters help predict the relevance for other users based on language, location, role, and additional organizational information. If needed, system administrators can also tune the relevance of the query results directly to ensure precision for their highly custom insight apps – referred to as search experience administration.

With search experience administration, the user can define rules to boost documents, terms, and zones.

For example, one could make a set of rules that automatically boost documents written in French if that is the preferred language of the detected user.



The Role of Automation

Overall, Mindbreeze InSpire has many ways of tuning and evaluating relevancy. Although Mindbreeze InSpire can provide search experience reports and analytics tools to drill down relevant information quickly if manual evaluation is necessary, automatic relevance is the true gold mine. Search results are tuned based on the previously mentioned evaluation metrics, automatically learning from user interaction at all touchpoints. The more use, the more relevant it becomes over time – all done automatically.

Want to learn more on how Mindbreeze InSpire evaluates and tunes for relevance? Don't hesitate to send us a message!


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