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Using Preventive Maintenance to Consider New Solutions

July 6, 2021Ulrike Kogler, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

A crucial component of any purchase of new equipment is to save business owners a considerable amount of time and cost down the line. Maintenance of your equipment can be a cost that can slip through the cracks when buying new equipment.

Understanding Intent Data’s Impact on Business

February 16, 2021Ulrike Kogler, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Algorithms that predict purchases are very powerful. To know where your customers are going next, you need to predict what they might be thinking. The intelligence gathered to deliver these insights is called intent and intent data. Intent data is changing the way marketers do business.

Research, technology, and innovation: Success depends on the data

September 21, 2020Ulrike Kogler, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Our world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, new technologies are impacting our lives, and the competition never sleeps. Consequently, a company’s research and development department plays a central role in ensuring the continued viability of the business.

Predictive machine maintenance and big data

May 14, 2018Ulrike Kogler, Mindbreeze Products Marketing

Every year, defects in machines and systems result in several million hours of downtime worldwide. Business interruptions and production shutdowns caused by defective machinery come with a hefty price tag, on top of the substantial repair costs that are incurred.