Simplify Complexity: Seamless Integration & Connectors

Supporting bid management teams right where they are. Leverage your full organizational knowledge for every bid.

Integration & Connectors

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Integrate Mindbreeze InTend directly into platforms you already use and love, like SharePoint Online, Salesforce, or Microsoft Teams. With integration into your existing workplace, there's no need for extensive onboarding.

Plug & Play Connectors

Our connectors tap into every data source, both within your organization and on the web. Minimize setup time with our array of pre-built connectors.

Up-to-date information

Our advanced crawlers never rest, ensuring every piece of data stays fresh and current. From the newest RFPs to the latest tender submissions, bid management teams always have their finger on the pulse, ready to craft the winning bid with the most up-to-date information at their disposal.

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