Winning feels nice!

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can get used to it.

Bid Management

The entire process of writing and submitting tenders is time-consuming and requires information from multiple departments. It is essential bid managers are thorough when handling this process from beginning to end, as it directly impacts long-term contracts and the cash flow of your business.

Intelligent insight engines give you the ability to track and manage every step involved. This includes the delivery of relevant information and automating responses on intense questionnaires. Mindbreeze covers it all.


Mindbreeze InSpire automates the Bid Management process by: 


  • Allowing you to pull all the data you need in seconds, thus reducing the time of research
  • Generating automated responses to intense questionnaires (RFPs, RFIs, PQQs, ITTs)
  • Providing clear overviews of ongoing bids and completion status
  • Highlighting insights into your competitors





Winning feels nice.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can get used to it!

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Bid Management with Mindbreeze InSpire

This is how your bid management process can be automated with Mindbreeze InSpire:




Mindbreeze InSpire supports you in the bid management process in various ways:

  1. Copy your question directly into the search field and Mindbreeze InSpire will immediately provide you with a matching answer.
  2. Upload your entire question catalog and Mindbreeze InSpire will automatically generate suitable answers based on your existing company data.

Download webinar recording "Bid Management" 

In the webinar, Mindbreeze Head of Presales Gerald Martinetz is explaining how Mindbreeze InSpire can help you take your bid management to the next level.

The Bid Automation webinar covers the following topics:

  • Challenges
  • Demonstration
  • Your Return of Investment
  • Q&A

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