Adobe Search&Promote End-of-Service: Where Will You Turn Next?

Adobe Search&Promote End-of-Service: Where Will You Turn Next?

Starting on September 1st, 2022, Adobe Search&Promote will be discontinued. User interfaces will no longer be accessible on that date, and requests to APIs will deliver zero results.

Like any technology end-of-service, users are left with two options. Businesses can be disappointed and do nothing about it, or they can use it as an opportunity to seek a better option.

To make it easy, option two is the right choice – find a replacement!

When one continues using a technology solution that is no longer supported, a significant number of consequences will occur.

Consequences of Unsupported Technologies

Unsupported means no support, and not having support means no bug fixes, patches, or security upgrades. This is a very dangerous recipe for your company and can be very costly as well. Failures undoubtedly will happen, and no technical support will be present to help. Your team will be scrambling to solve unfixable IT issues.

Another consequence is security and protection become severely compromised. End-of-service announcements open the floodgates for hackers. In fact, it is something hackers look out for and add to their targeting list. Without the previously mentioned security updates and patches, hackers can easily access your networks, steal data and cause a whirlwind of IT headaches. Data is so valuable that if your enterprise's lack of action is the reason it was infiltrated, your IT headaches shortly become legal and PR headaches.

Is Mindbreeze InSpire your Replacement?

It is pretty clear that using unsupported technologies is not a path you want to travel down – so where will you turn next?

The positive news of this all is that replacements exist. But maybe replacement isn't the best word to use – perhaps, it's an upgrade.

Our innovative AI-driven insight engine, Mindbreeze InSpire, can serve as a more efficient solution, and our experts can make the migration seamless.

User Behavior and User Intent

Mindbreeze InSpire's search capabilities are so powerful because of its ability to understand your content's semantics and automatically recognize all entities within it. The solution fully understands your users and their needs through machine learning – user behavior and intent.

Conversational Search and Recommendations

Whether users know exactly what they are looking for or barely know where to start, Mindbreeze InSpire is equipped with conversational search to enter into dialogue with users and automatically process queries, make recommendations, or suggest alternatives. Mindbreeze InSpire can determine customer intent and predict solution suggestions and content based on data from previous interactions and touchpoints.

In conclusion, an end-of-service is not the end of the world. Top of the line search solutions, such as Mindbreeze InSpire, still exist

Mindbreeze InSpire collects all analytics to make searches as relevant as possible for the specific user. By tracking the customer journey from beginning to end, Mindbreeze InSpire gathers data needed to enhance the customer search experience on your site. Our discovery features can be customized and personalized in any way you see fit.

Are you ready to make the upgrade to an easily deployable AI-driven search solution? Contact our team below!

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