An Interview with Amazing Business Radio: A Holistic View of the Customer

Our Founder and CEO, Daniel Fallmann, joined Shep Hyken of Amazing Business Radio for a discussion on empowering customer service agents with knowledge.

The overall theme of the discussion centered around how organizations can arm their frontline customer service professionals with technology that enables them to offer better customer service.

Key Questions Answered in the Interview:

  1. What does a holistic view of the customer mean?
  2. How can AI predict customer behavior?
  3. How can companies empower their customer service representatives?
  4. What is the indicator of customer satisfaction levels?
  5. How can companies anticipate customer questions and issues?

A Teaser Quote from the Interview:

“The right technology can help companies anticipate what issues and concerns their customers will be coming to them with. This empowers customer service representatives to give customers exactly what they need when they need it.”

Curious to hear the full discussion? Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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