Applying the Right Technology for Pharmaceutical Research: There's Too Much at Stake

Applying the Right Technology for Pharmaceutical Research: There's Too Much at Stake

Research is a crucial component to all industries and business areas, but it is near impossible to make a case against the importance of proper pharmaceutical research. The topics being researched by these companies involve human life and medicines being put into one's body to help fight disease, sickness, and other medical conditions.

With that said, pharmaceutical research requires knowledge from a variety of different sources. Here is just a handful listed below:

  • Action Letters
  • Information Requests
  • Review Recommendations
  • Specialized Applications
  • Medical Studies
  • Research Databases

When you consider the stakes of the research and how many internal and external data sources are relevant to drug analysis, one could only think that R&D teams need to be working with the absolute best technology. On top of the need for accurate knowledge gathering to make consistent and sound decisions, time spent also plays a role in the process. As further updates and modifications to medicines need to be processed and regulated, the right technology choice for pharmaceutical companies will also cut down the time spent on research.

We Know the Importance: What's the Solution?

Mindbreeze has proudly gotten the opportunity to work with various companies in the life science sector and help them with the same use cases mentioned above. By indexing data from all data sources into a single application, R&D teams have the power to retrieve every piece of information they need with just a search. Whether the query entity is a drug, ingredient, sickness, symptom, or side effect, the solution works all the same!

A single search in the insight app for "ingredient X" results in a 360-degree view of the ingredient and its history. Search results include all relevant documents to the ingredient, existing insights about the ingredient, and identifying "ingredient X" experts within your organization.

Mindbreeze InSpire for Pharma


All the intelligence appears right then and there for pharmaceutical companies to leverage. Research and development teams no longer need to feel like they are guessing with certain studies and can rest easy knowing the most accurate information was utilized in their findings.

For more information on utilizing artificial intelligence in the life science sector, please access our whitepaper.

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