App.Telemetry Dashboards for Administrators with Mindbreeze InSpire

App.Telemetry Dashboards for Administrators with Mindbreeze InSpire

We have several exciting new features as part of our 22.1 release. We shared an overview in a previous blog listed below.

Mindbreeze InSpire 22.1 release offers many new features

One promising new feature is updated app.telemetry dashboards for usage analysis.

Here is a Snippet from our Release Notes

As part of the new release, you will now have the ability to get a visual overview of all your applications. This includes an overall view of all applications and a detailed view of the individual applications. The different variants of diagrams and tables available to you enable you to always maintain an overview of the use of Mindbreeze InSpire within your company.

Among the options that are now newly available to you in the dashboards are:

  • Monitoring of search queries
  • Monitoring the relative usage of the applications              
  • Interactive diagrams
  • Different time spans of the diagrams

This feature is enabled by default so that the dashboards are automatically generated and updated on a daily basis. However, there is an option to customize the configuration to your needs or disable the feature if needed.

The Business Value for Administrators

The out-of-the-box dashboards available in Mindbreeze InSpire Analytics have long been a powerful diagnostic tool for administrators to monitor and optimize users' search experience across their organization.

With the new release, these dashboards are even more targeted.

Now, administrators can quickly view analytics from every deployed Insight App individually. These dashboards are generated automatically for every Insight App, providing a more granular view of the search experience.

The drop-down menu provides a list of the Insight Apps available. When the admin clicks to open a specific Insight App dashboard, they're presented with a wide array of actionable aggregated analytics data.

Included are:

  • Statistics on user queries, search result clicks, and the average rank of each search result the user clicked on
  • A graphical display of user queries, clicks, and unique visits
  • A graphical display of queries, highlighting queries without clicks (used to identify missing content)
  • A graphical overview of the Top 5 queries, broken down by month and week
  • Statistics on the Top 20 queries, including aggregated details from user telemetry
  • An overview of trending queries

High-level views of user telemetry data enable administrators to quickly see the utilization of each search application across their organization, identify gaps in content based on user demand, and optimize search result relevance without direct feedback from the end users.

Insight Apps can quickly be tuned so that end user teams relying on them reap the reward of optimal efficiency in their workflows and daily tasks.

Want to learn more about new features of the Mindbreeze InSpire 22.1 release? We have a recorded webinar ready for you!

You can also view the full release notes.