Avoiding Data Mismanagement in the Energy Sector

Avoiding Data Mismanagement in the Energy Sector

If you’re in the energy industry, you work with numerous unconnected entities worldwide. As you know, power generation efforts and operations consist of many moving parts and can be a logistical nightmare if not executed adequately from a knowledge-sharing standpoint.

Separate vendors and people add to a clutter of data every day. Updates and adjusted reports are inconsistently sent to different departments, locations, and employees within an energy company.

To manage data effectively, energy companies must have one knowledge base with updated vendor and customer information. With all the disorganization and uncontrolled information, knowledge gathering becomes practically impossible for personnel on the ground.

Major Energy Companies Use Mindbreeze for Knowledge Sharing

The proper way to handle the clutter is to index the data and input it into your own knowledge base.

Mindbreeze cleans up the mess by collecting information from all knowledge bases to ensure workers in the energy sector have easy access to the most recent and accurate information.

For example, Mindbreeze can crawl and index data and automatically input it into a company’s SharePoint.

To paint a clear picture of what we are discussing, we published a case study on how we helped a major energy company solve its pain points.

Case Study - Mindbreeze InSpire in the Energy Industry - Proactive Knowledge Management for Support Professionals

To set the scene, below is a snippet from the study.

The energy sector involves the production of power generation tools such as turbines powered by gas, steam, water, and wind. Electrical power plants use turbines to generate electricity. Speedy production and expertise often determine success in this industry.  Across this industry, one of the biggest pain points is the need to retrieve relevant information without time-consuming research. Support staff in particular need to process all incoming tickets quickly while managing very high volumes of inquiries.

As a result, one of the world’s leading energy providers has decided to use Mindbreeze InSpire as its enterprise-wide tool for their support staff. This provides easy access to the information they need and in accordance with their access rights. The resulting 360-degree overview of internal data saves time streamlines their everyday tasks.

Please read the complete case study to learn exactly how we approached the situation and solved the customer’s problem.