Mindbreeze InSpire in the Energy Industry

Proactive Knowledge Management for Support Professionals

The energy sector involves the production of power generation tools such as turbines powered by gas, steam, water, and wind. Electrical power plants use turbines to generate electricity. Speedy production and expertise often determine success in this industry.  Across this industry, one of the biggest pain points is the need to retrieve relevant information without time-consuming research. Support staff in particular need to process all incoming tickets quickly while managing very high volumes of inquiries. As a result, one of the world’s leading energy providers has decided to use Mindbreeze InSpire as its enterprise-wide tool for their support staff. This provides easy access to the information they need and in accordance with their access rights. The resulting 360- degree overview of internal data saves time streamlines their everyday tasks.


Mindbreeze InSpire was introduced to the energy company in question to serve their support staff teams when answering tickets. Daily inquiries bombarded staff in large numbers and they struggled to answer them efficiently. This was due to different data sources that had to be opened separately and searched manually to find answers. Further compiling the frustration, their search functions were limited to a small database.  Mindbreeze InSpire was implemented as the company’s comprehensive internal search solution to address these issues.


Mindbreeze InSpire as an insight engine uses methods of artificial intelligence such as Machine and Deep Learning. Information for individual tickets is proactively provided and the contents of tickets are analyzed. Correlations between several existing ticket knowledge databases can be immediately accessed without cumbersome logins. This is achieved through extracting information and delivering it to users directly, immediately when tickets are opened for processing.

Mindbreeze InSpire works in the background so that no concrete search queries need to be made (zero term search). As a result, employees instantly have all the relevant information available.


All relevant data sources were quickly connected within the organization through the available out-of-the-box connectors as well as the connectors developed for the specific data sources. The implementation was carried out in cooperation with a Mindbreeze Premium Partner. The team of Mindbreeze experts supported the energy provider both in the implementation of Mindbreeze InSpire in their own data center (on-premises/appliance) as well as in the ongoing support and optimization of search performance.

Target Achievement

Before the introduction of the Insight Engine in the company, it was necessary to manually search numerous different data sources - including ten knowledge databases and applications such as Box, Service Now, or Confluence alone - to find the required information when further facts were needed for an open ticket.

Today, support staff have all the information they need such as problem reports and logs immediately when they open the ticket without having to start a separate search. Mindbreeze InSpire derives the appropriate contextual information from the information in the ticket through semantic analysis and provides the users with the relevant facts from a multitude of different data sources. As a result, ticket processing times are the shortest they’ve ever been, and countless hours have been saved and reallocated toward more impactful tasks.


  • Customers in over 180 different countries
  • Replaced legacy solutions with a fully supported system
  • Company-wide customer support solution
  • Over 1,000 tickets daily in 200 different areas
  • 10,000 users of the Mindbreeze InSpire product
  • Equips 90% of the world’s utilities