BOM Management: Completing the Picture with Search and AI

BOM Management: Completing the Picture with Search and AI

Bill of materials (BOM) forms an essential database in manufacturing companies, as they document which parts or assemblies make up an end product. This information includes the basis for correct assembly and determining requirements, procurement, and workflow planning. In addition, there is a multitude of other important information about suppliers, availabilities, quality inspections, orders, etc., from various data sources important to manufacturing leaders and everyday workers.

With Mindbreeze InSpire search functions, users are not limited to information just on the exact search term.

Mindbreeze InSpire is a further development of conventional enterprise search, using artificial intelligence methods such as machine and deep learning to intelligently link company data across sources and provide users with an overall 360-degree view. 

To do this, Mindbreeze incorporates information from all relevant corporate data sources into their research - whether the data is structured (e.g., entries in specialist applications) or unstructured (e.g., text, audio, video). Text processing methods such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) ensure that natural human language is correctly understood and processed. Therefore, Mindbreeze can identify people, facilities, locations, and time periods in various languages.

One Search Query - All Sources - Individual Results

With just one search query, information on the queried topic can be extracted from all data sources and made available. Users immediately receive additional relevant information, such as country-specific restrictions, availabilities, replacement suppliers, or complaints, without starting a new search in another system. The individual user behavior, mode of operation, previous search queries, click behavior, etc., serves as the basis for the relevance and ranking of the results, making all hits available in a personalized form, in the appropriate context, and accounting for individual access rights.

Smart TV, smartphones, and kitchen appliances are becoming increasingly "smart." Today's products' diverse functions and capabilities are particularly noticeable in their countless individual parts. Products today often consist of several thousand components. All components must mesh and work together perfectly to become the actual product. Especially in the event of delivery delays, bottlenecks, or even failures, it is crucial to maintain a competitive overview without tying up valuable resources such as employees.

Insight engines have become increasingly established across companies to locate the necessary information at a glance and control production processes.

Can an insight engine help you manage your BOM or other parts of your manufacturing process? Reach out to our experts today and find out the power of Mindbreeze InSpire!