Classification with Mindbreeze Insight Services

Classification with Mindbreeze Insight Services

Mindbreeze’s Classification Service allows anyone to become an AI expert with no code required. Our built-in machine learning model is easy to modify and adapt to your most pressing business needs.

Through human-in-the-loop machine learning and constant user feedback, administrators can improve the accuracy of the underlying model. Optimizations are also made possible through self-learning.

Supported classifications include auto-tagging documents, support tickets, articles, and emails: even image recognition and sentiment analysis.

Categorization and Classification: The Real World and Business

Separating subjects into groups or categories has been a part of our lives forever. Whether it’s the group you get to board an airplane with or using red and green binders to separate your math assignments from your science assignments at school. Sorting, splitting, and classifying have been used to organize our everyday lives from a very young age and in various places.

The same is true for businesses and their data, just on a larger scale.

Imagine you are an insurance company getting hundreds of thousands of claims per day. How do you separate these to ensure the correct department receives them? Classification, a popular form of supervised learning, allows automatic categorization of specific claims to occur and be sent to the appropriate party. Instead of spending days going through each claim one by one and sending them off to their final destination, this task can be easily automated – saving valuable time and resources processing the claims.

The same is done for classifying articles in a knowledge base – sorting material by author, topic, or type of article.

A Mindbreeze Case Study

Similarly, the classification service provides effective use for incoming mail. Have a look at our case study to find out!

By labeling data with pre-defined categories, machine learning can begin to predict the class of all documents. As data within an enterprise grows by the hour, classification can be performed to help companies sort through the clutter and learn what types of files go where.

Do you ever wonder how certain emails end up in your spam folder? The sender, subject, content, or location of the email sent was targeted and automatically classified as spam through rigorous supervised machine learning.

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